The Story of Agape

It started with a call on my heart to go on a missions trip. Which led my best friend and I to an orphanage in Ethiopia: HOPEthiopia in Harbu Chulu to be exact.

I went there expecting to give so much to them, and lend a helping hand. It was a simple act of obedience that had been something I'd been wanting to do for years. But I never knew how much I would receive there. Being there gave me the restoration and realization that God's love is truly capable of anything. Fellowship and love, and truly the most healing forces in the world.

The children at the orphanage there were surrounded with light and love and were exactly where they needed to be. HOPEthiopia is a safe haven for all who call it home: it gives opportunities, restores, and is love in action. However the village of Harbu Chulu is broken, filled with poverty, and abandonment. Because of this, there is nothing I can see better than expanding Hopethiopia. 

My current goal is to raise enough money to build a home at the orphanage, and I hope to be able to take a team to be the hands for it as well. Your support for Agape helps make it possible!

Thank you for checking out the website. Share us with your friends, and consider investing in quality leather for yourself or to make a great gift! Your support and purchase has more impact than you know!


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